Office Tour

Our Clinic Tour

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In Health Naturopathic Medicine shares a cozy office space with Higgins Massage Therapy, eastHeart Healing Arts, and Leslie Neyman, CP Eden Energy Medicine. In addition to naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, and energy medicine, we also have a well-stocked medicinary. We carry a range of high-quality nutritional supplements including vitamins, minerals, essential oils, homepathics, and herbals.

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Our Clinic

Our location is easy to find at the front of the Balladtowne Plaza, just east of the Columbia Bank.

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Reception Area

We observe sanitary processes in our welcome area and ask arriving patients to wash their hands upon arrival.

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Our Atmosphere

We keep a calm, less-clinical feeling atmosphere throughout the office.

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Treatment Room

Dr. Hannan is ready to put you at ease with friendly touches and a style that lets you know she wants to hear what you have to say.